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The Federal confidentiality regulations permit programs to comply with State laws that require the reporting of child abuse and neglect. For example, a counselor employed by a substance abuse program that is part of a mental health facility could phone the police or the potential target of an attack, identify herself as "a counselor at the New City Mental Health Clinic," and explain the risk. A program can use the "medical emergency" exception only in very limited circumstances, and obtaining a court order is time-consuming and expensive. quizlet alcohol wise where to buy jes extender in woodlands

The court may order disclosure of "confidential communications" by an adolescent to the program only if the disclosure Is necessary to protect against a threat to life or of serious bodily injury Is necessary to investigate or prosecute an extremely serious crime including child abuse Is in connection with a proceeding at which the adolescent has already presented evidence concerning confidential communications e.

In most cases, the decision whether to make a disclosure authorized by a client's signed consent is up to the program, unless State law requires or prohibits a particular disclosure once consent is given. Because the Federal confidentiality regulations forbid disclosures without Mary's consent, the program cannot confer with her parents.

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It would be improper to disclose everything in an adolescent's file if the recipient of the information needs only one specific piece of information. Court-Ordered Disclosures A State or Federal court may issue an order that will permit a program to make a disclosure about an adolescent that would otherwise be forbidden.

Provide Top-Tier Programming to Your Students

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Sample Consent Form. Does the program have a duty to tell the police?

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This enables providers to quizlet alcohol wise exposures to the department in situations like these. Programs may not respond to followup requests for information or to subpoenas for additional information, even if the records are sought for use in civil or criminal proceedings resulting from the program's initial report.


If the answer to question 1 or 2 is "yes," then how can the program warn the victim or someone able to take preventive action without violating the Federal confidentiality regulations? Regents alamat penjual titan gel di surabaya the University of California, 17 Cal. For example, if alamat penjual titan gel di surabaya program needs ongoing communications with a mental health provider, the "purpose of the disclosure" would be "coordination of care for Hector Velez" and "how much and what kind of information will be disclosed" might be "treatment status, treatment issues, and progress in treatment.

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However, a free-standing program can sometimes make "anonymous" disclosures, that is, disclosures that do not mention the name of the program or otherwise reveal the adolescent's status as having a substance use disorder.

The regulations restrict communications more tightly in many instances than, for example, either the doctor-client or the attorney-client privilege.

Consent to Treatment

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If the adolescent is an offender who has been mandated into treatment by a criminal justice or juvenile justice agency, the program can make a report to that justice agency, if it has a CJS consent form signed by the adolescent that is worded broadly enough to allow this sort of information to be disclosed.

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Services applied for or received can include assessment, diagnosis, individual counseling, group counseling, treatment, or referral for treatment. State law may impose a duty on a program to treat clients in need.

The first way is obvious: This chapter will examine the factors treatment service providers should consider in deciding whether a particular adolescent may consent to treatment in the absence of parental consent or notification and how communications with other systems can be accomplished without violating the adolescent's right to privacy.

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